Kritiken Latinmusik Vol. 1. und 2.

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Hier findet Ihr Kritiken über unsere beiden Kompilationen.

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Latinmusik Vol. 1

Pietro Carbogani /

Over the years, and thanks to my web-radio station, I have had the fortune to be able to listen to and diffuse music that has originated from all over the world. I won't hide the fact that, and this has happened more than once, I have been tempted to produce a compilation of what I consider to be the very best of the selection we have here at RadioVinilemania.

A project that I haven’t, for a series of reasons, yet realised however...I have to acknowledge that it would have been harder to do any better than this great Swiss Dj (Daniel Niedermann). Here with his first production: Salsa Compilation Vol.1.

A very interesting selection of the best contemporary salsa tracks that hail from more than 10 different countries and of which come from all over the world. Making this a truly unique and must have compilation.

An excellent product that distinguishes the research and the musical quality of the 12 tracks that have been included and of which is wholly compatible with dance floors as well. This makes this not only sought after by lovers of the New York Salsa scene, the guaguancò and the descarga but also by those Dj’s that love to suggest those slightly more particular, and rarer, tracks into their set.

A great piece of work - not unadventurous -a piece of work that satisfies the personal tastes of this writer. Well done Daniel!!

Available to buy through or VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

DJ El Chino / SolarLatinClub

Excelente selección hecha por el suizo Daniel Niedermann de temas salseros contemporaneos que han marcado toda una tendencia en los clubes alrededor del mundo.

Esta compilación incluye algunos de los mejores albums grabados en los ultimos años por agrupaciones independientes y demuestra que su creador es una persona con un execelente gusto y oido musical.

felicitaciones a Daniel y a Latinmusik.Ch

Latin Beat Magazin / April 2009

This first collection generated by the Zürich, Switzerland-based Latin music website showcases the amazing international salsa repertoire of this cyberspace music hub, consisting of a dozen tracks of tunes frequently requested of DJs, an known to raise the mood at any given party, thus resulting in a new anthology of some of the finest salsa tunes from the last few years. The music was created by bands based in Colombia (Calambuco an LA-33), the USA (Direct Latin Influence, Grupo Latin Vibe, and Bio Ritmo), Costa Rica (Son de Tikizia), Italy (El Timba), Japan (Grupo Chévere), Spain (La Sucursal S.A.), England (Manteca), Sweden (Calle Real), and Switzerland/Cuba (Conjunto Salsometro). Get hip to the sounds that salseros from all over the world are enjoying and dancing to these days. The sale of this CD supports the maintenance and the expansion of the website, allowing it to remain free of advertisement.


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Latinmusik Vol. 2


DJ Daniel Niedermann, uno de los DJ mas respetados, serios y con mayor conocimiento de los ritmos afro latinos que tiene Europa nos trae su segunda produccion en forma de compilacion Salsa Editors Choice Vol. 2 para este 2010 con muchas y excelentes sorpresas para el melomano y el bailador de salon y de barrio.

Descrestante en esta compilacion para nosotros fue el descubrimiento del bello mambo a la vieja usanza Breakaway de la agrupacion alemana Lex Eazy & The Mambo Club, el gran Son Montuno de Samuray Kuba, Nunca Me Podran Tumbar.

Otros temas muy, pero muy contundentes son el Moroccan Mambo de Bob Desena, tambien tenemos a la gran salsa Romantica Maria de Contrabando de Belguica y el infaltable e inimitable 3D.

Gran suerte tienen los salseros de Salsarica en Zurich, pues este gran DJ Dani presenta en vivo aqui sus selecciones y su exquisito gusto musical. Yo desde ya me alegro de poder verlo y a lo mejor escucharlo colocar musica con concepto y con una linea musical fantastica.

Esperemos que muy pronto nos venga a visitar para poder deleitarnos con su gran sentido y tacto por el ritmo.

DJ Saltho

Latin Musik hat wieder zugeschlagen:
Nach der erfolgreichen ersten Compilation liegt nun taufrisch die zweite Ausgabe vor. Wieder hat Dani (der Betreiber der höchst empfehlenswerten Seite latinmusik) es verstanden, einen tollen Mix von aktuellen Salsa-Ohrwürmern aus der ganzen Welt zusammenzukriegen.
Eine CD für alle Fälle: Für die Party, zum Kochen, im Büro, beim Autofahren, zum Salsa-Schritte üben zu Hause, usw.

Salsa Central

Following on from the popular first volume, this release in the series takes you on a trip through the many styles of Salsa music, sequenced in the way a DJ might order music in their set.

The CD opens with Saxomania's interpretation of Roberto Roena's "Tu Loco Y Yo Tranquilo', a nice steady start for the CD, which is followed by Grupo Latin Vibe and one of my favourite tracks of their, 'Pa Los Bravos'. The tempo then takes a step up, with the string driven sounds and refreshing female driven vocals of Oriente's 'Sin Palabras'.

Alex Wilson steadies things down a little with his excellent instrumental 'Antonio' before a couple of great mambo numbers in 'Moroccan Mambo' from Bob Desena, and "Breakaway' from German band Lex Easy & The Mambo Club, the latter of which brings the tempo down a little. It's latin hip-hop next, from Samuray Kuba and 'Nunca Me Podran Tumbar', before returning to Salsa, this time Cuban-style, courtesy of 'Maria' from Belgian based outfit Contrabando.

French outfit Deldongo provide the next installment with 'Fait Divers', a nice pumping number, before returning to the USA and the catchy 'El Cuarto De Tula' from Dave Santiago & Latin Affair, and 3D's 'Mi Amor Eterno'.

The journey is finished in Sweden, with a powerful timba from La Tremenda, 'Lunes La Semana Completa'.

Overall, a great listening experience, and much thought has obviously been put into the sequencing of the songs to ensure a steady flow from beginning to end. This will be a useful tool for a lot of DJ's, but also a very good purchase for anyone who loves listening to Salsa music in all it's forms.